Writing amazing code, adding a lovely super friendly Wiki, invest huge amount of time in the project ReadMe (so in 2 minutes users can get your lib up&running)
super motivated you push it to GitHub and…. no one uses it :(

a while ago I was looking for a simple way to resize images in php. forked a nice project made it nicer and wanted people to use it (and even contribute to it)

came to a conclusion: developers (noobs/masters/rockstars/call-them-whatever-you-like) encounter questions and some times answers them on StackOverflow.

StackOverflow questions have great SEO and rank high in search engines. lets search for questions that our project can answer and answer them with reference to our project!

Question isn’t listed? ask a new question, answer it yourself and if it`s good people will up-vote you.
lets see some numbers.
GitHub shows repo traffic and some stats.
Image resize repo ~300 unique visitors in 14 days

php trafficphp reffer

waze api repo
~104 unique visitors in 14 dayswaze traffic
waze reffer
so if you have something listed in GitHub, take 30 minutes to ask and answer questions on StackOverflow to promote it.

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